Crown and Bridge


  • CAD/CAM Framework for All-Ceramic Crowns, Bridges—made with pure Zirconia or YZ.
  • IPS e.max crowns
  • The 3Shape D700 scanner represents the latest generation of scanning technology.  Our “open system” is capable of providing any milling choice your case may require.


  • VITA VM13 Porcelain
  • Synspar and Softspar porcelain for soft occlusal features
  • Edge porcelain for porcelain shoulders
  • A wide selection of porcelain alloys
  • Free custom staining
  • A wide choice of alloys from 24 ct. to nonprecious metals


  • VITA VM13 Layered Porcelain Veneers (bonded)
  • eMax & CAD

Full Cast:

  • Five gold alloys from low-gold to high-gold content
  • High Noble Silver Palladium and Noble Chrome Cobalt
  • Gold-Colored NPG Gold Alternative (included in fabrication cost)
  • Titanium

Crown and Bridge

All Restorations are produced by certified dental technicians with advanced training in internal and external staining. Only the finest materials available are used and are ADA acceptable. Your cases will be completed in 7-10 business days and can be scheduled sooner if needed.

All restorations custom-waxed (prefabricated waxups are not used)


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