Partial Dentures:

  • Wide choice of alloys for frameworks
  • Intracoronal/extracoronal attachments, resilient or nonresilient
  • Unilaterals
  • Backings
  • Acrylic partials, wire or ball clasps

Implant Overdenture:

  • Removable-to-fixed hybrid

Tooth Selection:

  • Portrait IPN
  • Trubyte Bioform/Bioblend IPN
  • Trubyte Trublend – SLM
  • Trubyte – New Hue Classic
  • Special Requests

Full Dentures:

  • Relining (resilient or nonresilient)
  • Rebasing
  • Base and rims
  • Impression trays
  • Quality acrylics used


Our technicians specialize in the fabrication of quality partial and full denture prosthetics. We can serve all of your implant needs for removables and combination cases. Choose from the following services or call us for any additional needs.

Other services include bleaching trays, mouthguards, surgical splints and bruxism splints.


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